Mooncakes For Mid-Autumn Festival

Savour the Tradition under the Full Moon with Hotel Lisboa

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Hotel Lisboa is delighted to present four flavours of homemade mooncakes to send the most sincere blessings to you and your beloved ones.

The colourful mooncake gift boxes are fascinatedly decorated. The unique gift boxes resemble the tradition of admiring the glorious full moon and blossomed flowers during Mid-Autumn Festival. Choose at your wish from the four dedicated traditional or modern flavours at MOP 360 per box with 6 mooncakes each. Enjoy 20% off at MOP 288 with cash or credit card payment.

Savour the Tradition ‧ Taste the Modern ‧ Choose at Your Wish

【Egg Yolk Mooncake with White Lotus Seed Paste】

Passing down from generations to generations, the classic blend of white lotus seed paste and salted egg yolk is the most traditional flavour that reminds you the meaning of family and reunion.

【Egg Yolk Mooncake with Green Lotus Seed Paste】

The perfect match of Pandan leaves and lotus seed paste with top quality salted egg yolk will amaze you with its fresh aroma and delicate sweetness.

【Mooncake with Mixed Nuts, Conpoy and Yunnan Ham】

With premium conpoy as the main ingredient, mixed with healthy nuts and Yunnan Ham to create the finest level of texture.

【Egg Yolk Mooncake with Winter Melon and Coconut】

The perfect blend of homemade winter melon paste and coconut paste together with quality salted egg yolk leaves you an irresistible aftertaste.

Mooncake Vouchers

2020.8.10 – 9.29

Hotel Lisboa Cake Shop, Portas do Sol, Deli Lafayette

Retail Available Period and Location

2020.8.24 – 10.01

Portas do Sol

Voucher Redemption

2020.8.24 – 9.30

Portas do Sol

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