Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival with Hotel Lisboa

Embracing the joyous reunion with Hotel Lisboa Mooncake Gift Boxes

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Hotel Lisboa is delighted to present four exquisitely handcrafted mooncake gift boxes with delectable flavours. Designed with the full bloomed Yulan Magnolia and the iconic exterior of Hotel Lisboa, as well as the vividly colored packages, the mooncake gift boxes wish to bring you and your beloved ones a day full of bliss and joy at the Mid-Autumn Day!

Choose at your wish from the four dedicated traditional or modern flavours at MOP 360 per box with 6 mooncakes each. Enjoy 20% off at MOP 288 with cash,credit card or selected electronic payment.

Delectable Mooncake Selection

【Egg Yolk Mooncake with White Lotus Seed Paste】

Sweet and smooth white lotus paste with golden salted egg yolk, together with the thin skin and fragrant filling, offering you the classic taste to light up every moment of reunions. It is for sure a must-have choice for sharing at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

【Egg Yolk Mooncake with Green Lotus Seed Paste】

By combining pandan leaves and lotus paste, the filling is light and silky, in which infused with a bit of freshness other than the traditional flavour. What is more, the elaborately made salted egg yolk is too good to be missed.

【Egg Yolk Mooncake with Winter Melon and Coconut】

The winter melon puree prepared by our recipe is fused with crispy coconut shreds, savoring together with the oily and soft salted egg yolk. Be inspired by the perfect fusion of egg yolk and coconut scent with every bite.

【Mooncake with Mixed Nuts, Conpoy and Yunnan Ham】

Stuffed with the finest Japanese Conpoy, top-quality Yunnan Ham, and mixed nuts as the main ingredients, the mooncakes are rich in taste and delectable to try.

Mooncake Vouchers

2022.7.29 – 9.2

Hotel Lisboa Cake Shop, Portas do Sol, Deli Lafayette

Voucher Redemption

2022.8.12 – 9.9

Portas do Sol

Retail Available Period and Location

2022.8.12 – 9.10

Portas do Sol

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(853) 8803 3100

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