[Immediate Release – Macau, 17 April 2019] – Besides enjoying the dragon boat race, you must taste the delectable rice dumplings to celebrate this Dragon Boat Festival. Hotel Lisboa delights to present a total of four homemade rice dumplings with selected ingredients refined with traditional recipes to ensure the taste and quality for guests. The packaging is designed with exquisite insulation bags in practical style which keep food in adequate temperature, the bags can be reused and support environmental friendly concept.

This year, the recommended rice dumplings include “Prestige Rice Dumpling with Shark’s Fin, Abalone and Conpoy” with shark’s fin, abalone and whole conpoy; “Supreme Rice Dumpling with Abalone and Conpoy”, with finest ingredients such as Australian abalone and whole conpoy to provide a perfect texture; “Rice Dumpling with Pork & XO Sauce” is made from roasted pork, salted egg yolk and homemade XO sauce; “Rice Dumpling with Red Date Paste and Red Bean Puree” is made of red date paste and red bean puree respectively in one pair of dumpling, which offers a lasting aroma matched with glutinous rice. Besides, Hotel Lisboa has tailor-made recyclable insulated bags in four different colors with elegant designs for each guest to support the environmental friendly concept.

The detailed selling prices, selling schedule and venues for the rice dumplings are listed as below, guests can also enjoy 20% off with cash or credit card payment.

  • The selling prices for rice dumplings 
    Prestige Rice Dumpling with Shark’s Fin, Abalone and Conpoy
  • Discounted price: $270/one (Original price: $338/one) 
    Supreme Rice Dumpling with Abalone and Conpoy
  • Discounted price: $182/one (Original price: $228/one) 
    Rice Dumpling with Pork & XO Sauce
  • Discounted price: $104/one (Original price: $130/one) 
    Rice Dumpling with Red Date Paste and Red Bean Puree Discounted price: $80/pair (Original price: $100/pair)

Voucher sales venues and schedule 
Customers can purchase the rice dumpling vouchers at our selected F&B outlets from now until 5 June 2019: 
Lisboa Cake Shop, Portas do Sol, Deli Lafayette 

Door Sales and voucher redemption date 
Portas do Sol : 20 May to 7 June 2019 
For enquiries, please contact: (853) 8803 3100

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